Wizard Tab Bag

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Who makes it? Wizard

Wizard Tab Bag

Why do I like it? The first thing I love about this Wizard Tab bag is the color. It isn’t too light and it is leather which is easy to clean. It is big enough to fit my junk, and includes so much detail such as the studs on the closing strap. I like the uniqueness of this bag and the outside pockets. This Wizard Tab bag is definitely a bag i can picture I can see myself wearing with leggings or jeans, or even maybe a day to the beach. this is a great bag to stick a lot of things into, and lug all of your junk around in this Wizard Tab Bag.  I’m not sure of this brand, Wizard, but I think this bag looks great and would look perfect with a modernjap and urban look.

Where can you get  it? I’m not sure if it is sold at local boutiques, but this bag is available online.

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