Real Eye Candy….

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Very popular JAP bag in town. Totally LOVE it. Romygold’s Biker Slash Tote in Black. Looks even more amazing on and the quality is to-die-for. Available at Intermix for $585


This Stella McCartney is a beautiful Organic Nylon Python Print Shopper Tote. Intermix priced at $975.

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Audrey Hupburn Halloween Costume and my new Michele Jellybean Watch!

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Halloween Costume Inspiration:


i <3 her classic beauty!

My Orange Michele Jellybean in the flesh!!!


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Nice Watches

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I am a huge fan of NICE WATCHES. I am definitely a watch person- along with being a shoes, clothes, purses, and accessory person as well…

Sometimes this can become a challenge because I feel like my wish list is never ending and crazy! By the time I save up for the next item on my list, I already have a few more items I can’t afford added onto the master list. I know many girls have a hard time deciding which watch will be best for them! I am a “big” watch person, but if you have similar style to me, this list may be a good guide for you to get a nice, and affordable watch!

Watches that I have:

michael kors-black-watchSwatch Full Blooded Unisex Watchmichele-extra-large-deco

1. Michael Kors Black Ceramic Watch is great because it is big and matches with everything! You can buy this watch at NORDSTROM for about $300.

2. Full Blooded Swatch Watch in Gold! I LOVE this versatile, fun, and slightly flashy watch that I can always count on to go well with any gold or silver accessories :) You can easily get this on Amazon for about $180.

3. The Michele Extra Large Deco is my FAVORITE. I can hardly take it off my wrist. It is an amazing watch, but it is about $500 and can be purchased at NORDSTROM. The best part about the Michele Watches are the interchangeable bands, you will see why they are so convenient below!

Mine in the near future:


1. I LOVE this Toy Watch. I am thinking this is going to be my Christmas present from my boyfriend :) It is about $335 from NORDSTROM

2. This Michele Black Classic Sport Sail Watch will be an amazing new addition to my Michele Watches collection! The best part is that I only have to purchase the case which will be about $300. I get to use the band from my Extra Large Deco on this Sport Sail case which saves me a lot of money!

3. This Michele Jellybean is the active sports watch that I have been waiting for!!! My mom bought it for me for my birthday, but since it’s on backorder, I’m not exactly sure when it will be in my hands, hopefully soon! This is an ADORABLE watch for only about $200.

In the Far Future:


One day this BEAUTIFUL Michele Noir Watch will be mine :)

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Hello Kitty Pumpkin

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At first, my boyfriend and I carved an anime kitty pumpkin because we knew we wanted a cute cat as the carving! We decided that was his pumpkin, and that I would get my very own- a Hello Kitty Pumpkin! It took some time, but I think it came out great. I absolutely LOVE how it came out!


Its definitely a confusing thing to carve, I got confused as to what parts to cut, and which parts to keep. Luckily, my boyfriend is a pumpkin-cutting-pro! If you would like to do this pumpkin, I suggest to print out a hello kitty outline, and use a tool to make small holes into the pumpkin as an outline or guideline of what you are going to cut out! It was tons of fun :) I think it looks pretty good!

Me being silly:

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The Orchid Boutique: Designer Swimwear

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the orchid boutique

Although Winter is approaching quickly, anytime is the right time to purchase some new swimwear! Summer has yet to fail from it’s return, and if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, a swimsuit can be a year-round item. Located in sunny South Florida, The Orchid Boutique prides upon their desire to find the perfect swimsuits for YOU! Since the Orchid Boutique is a SWIMWEAR boutique, they are experts at providing their clients with the latest and best quality of beachwear- from swimsuits to beach bags, and fun jewelry. Swimwear is their specialty. The Orchid Boutique sells a variety of high-end swimwear and new 2011 Swimwear lines are now being introduced, don’t miss out on the beautiful new prints and styles!

the orchid boutique

Many of the brands have NEW 2011 Styles that are TOO hard to resist!

Click the Image to the right to check out the NEW ARRIVALS!

I enjoyed looking around The Orchid Boutiques website, and browsing which suit I wanted to splurge on. It’s actually time for a new suit- first all of, I spoke about purchasing an L*space Swimwear bathing suit a while back, in this swimwear “look” post. At that time I decided to save my money, and hold off on the suit. With a cruise next year in my plans, and the 2011 lines arriving EXCLUSIVELY at The Orchid Boutique, I knew it was TIME to SPLURGE!


So now is the decision: WHICH SUIT WILL IT BE? And, after checking out all of the designers new collections, this became hard to decide!

My first option was immediately the new Dolly Estella Bikini by L*space Swimwear. It is from the new 2011 Collection and $128. I love the sweetheart neck line, and I ESPECIALLY love the orange. Then the fringe truthfully does it for me, I love it. The slit on the side makes it very unique, and I am definitely a fan of the style. Here it is:


But then I saw this other Orange Beauty which is very simple, but the gold hardware detail makes it very fashionable and classy. This is the Susana Bandeau by OnDadeMar Swimwear, priced at $158:

ondademar-swimwearsusana bandeau

These other two designs by Sabz Luxury seemed extremely tempting! The first one is the Twisted Animal Bikini priced at $129, and the second one is the High Roller Bikini for $132. Both have very appealing colors, designs, and especially cuts.


So, I decided on the first one! I love L*space Swimwear, and it looks like an amazing swimsuit. I feel like it is the right decision because the fringe steals my heart :)

I ordered it, and I am excited to get it and show you in a video when I receive it!


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