Marc Jacobs Black Bow Sandals

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Who makes it? Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Black Bow Sandals

Where did I find it?

Why do I like it? These are adorable! I would cut off my right leg to order these RIGHT NOW, too bad I feel like that about way too many items that I post about if I don’t already own them or purchase them after falling in love with them. Anyway, These sandals look like high sandals, but I like them because they can be considered “medium”. These Marc Jacobs Black Bow Sandals pretty much fit right around the ankle, and the look is perfected by the 4 bows running up the front of the foot. This would be a great pair of sandals to put on with long leggings like Bobi 29” Cotton Lycra Leggings, and put on a big black bag to amplify the JAP quality. Complete this look with a long tunic and your Michele Watch Michele Watch Extra-Large Decoto match the middle of the bows!

How much is it? $629 at

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