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A Clutch bag is a great item for many reasons, they have less room, and therefore aren’t as heavy as your typical big handbag. A clutch bag is great in many colors because is it so versatile. So, how do you deicide which type of clutch bag to purchase? Ask yourself where you are taking the clutch bag. If you would like a clutch bag for day-time they can easily switch to an evening bag, you can go for the popular envelope clutch bag style. If your clutch bag is going to be used strictly for evening events, you may prefer one with a handle, or a bit fancier of an option in a silk or satin material. A clutch bag is a great item for a stylish girl on-the-go, and is completely necessary because girls always have somewhere to go in the evening, where a clutch would be preferred over a purse. When choosing a clutch always make sure it will fit your essential items. Most clutch bags are big enough to fit money, lipgloss, and gum. Some are even bigger and you can fit in your wallet, keys, and any other necessary items you may need. It is important to choose a clutch bag that is the right size for the occasion you are getting the clutch for. Clutch bags are probably the most popular, and best preference due to the color and versatile components. So be sure that when choosing a clutch, you get one that’s as versatile as the color itself. Clutch bags are a staple item in a girl’s handbag collection. It is sometimes hard to decide what type of clutch bag to buy because there are so many different kinds in a broad price range. The best clutches are versatile, and will allow for easy transition from day-time use, to evening wear. Clutch bag are available in materials from satin and silk, to leather including patent, alligator, and other various leather designs. There are low-end clutches, and there are more expensive designer, and brand name ones. Trendy black clutches often include zippers, bling, or dangling items. Other clutch bag designs are simple, and some made for elegant occasions with not much “style” to offer. A very popular trend is a envelope clutch, which seems to go with just about anything. Envelope clutches can go perfectly with a pair of jeans for daytime use, and worn into the evening with a mini dress.

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