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A revolutionary handbag

I have recently come across a revolutionary idea, in terms of fashion.  These bags use the tagline “One Bag, Endless Possibilities”, and I find that statement perfect for this concept, but not only for Miche, for all handbag and purse designers that adopt this concept. The idea is to take one simple bag, and have interchangeable shells, making the bag possible for everyday use based on which shell matches your look on that specific day. This makes it easy for women to change their bags, without having to experience the time and hassle it takes to transfer your items to a new bag everyday.


For a girl like me, this idea is great because I love wearing new bags all the time, but changing it can be a real pain. I would love to see this idea grasped by more and more fashion designers to give their buyers more of an option. I am always seeking new fashion concepts and I think this one is a great creation!Build your bag

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mintandberry.com and 15% off coupon code

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Hey guys it’s Courtney, and if you have watched some of my videos, you may know that I enjoy following a natural lifestyle whether its with beauty products, skin care ointments, or food. My mother is a Chiropractor, and I grew up in a natural and holistic setting, free from vaccination and antibiotics, so a natural lifestyle has great importance to me, and is something that I have become very passionate about. When I came across mintandberry.com, I not only appreciated their products, but their purpose and their objective. One of my favorite sections on the website explains further why a organic and natural lifestyle is a great choice, which you can read about here.

mint and berry website

I came across this website before I even knew who the founder was, and I later found out it is Charmaine Leah, a beauty guru and skin care therapist. You may know this name from www.glamology.com - her blog, or www.youtube.com/glamology her YouTube Channel, that give girls eco-friendly and  helpful glam tips and advice. “Her passion is helping people look and feel great in a way that is healthy, balanced, and responsible.” You should definitely check out the site and many of the products they have to offer. Also look out for an upcoming video discussing this website and skin care products I use.

Use the coupon code MODERNJAP on mintandberry.com to save 15% off of your next order!

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BlueBee 20% Off Coupon Code + 50% Off Sale!

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BlueBee Sale!

BlueBee has just launched two great new sales. First,  you will receive 20% off on any Men’s or Women’s denim with code JNZ20, and second, you will receive savings of up to 50% on the majority of Blue Bee’s jewelry items.
Blue Bee Jeans Sale: 20% Off All Men's And Women's

The coupon code expires 3/2/2010, 10:00 am PST so hurry up and make your purchases now!
Blue Bee Jeans Sale: 20% Off All Men's And Women's

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Get ready to fall head over heels…

I recently had the pleasure of emailing back and forth with Andrea Woroch discussing this great new website.  It’s myShoes.com and you have to check it out!


The new site launched last week and features a comprehensive shoe search capability that searches hundreds of stores like Zappos, DSW, Steve Madden, Heels.com, Shoes.com, Macy’s and more. Select detailed criteria to find a specific trend, style, color, heel height, brand or price range and once you find a shoe you like, myShoes.com will list all the stores that sell the same shoe plus integrate any coupon codes available from PromotionalCodes.com to provide you with the lowest price available on the internet.

It’s such a good concept, I love it!  If you’re like me and you love shopping online using discounts and coupon codes, myShoes.com will become your favorite place to find your next pair of shoes online!

Check out their sites: myShoes.com / PromotionalCodes.com

@myshoescom @shopsaveshare @AndreaWoroch

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Silver Jeans Coupon Code 20% Off

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20% Off Feb 10-28th

Silver Jeans 20% Off Coupon Code

Silver Jeans gave us our own coupon code for 20% off from their online store.  This code cannot be used with other discounts or promos. Customers will need to enter the following code at checkout: japsilver.  If you haven’t tried on a pair of Silver Jeans yet, you’re missing out!

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