Henley Racerback Dress by James Perse

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Who makes it? James Perse

Henley Racerback Dress by James Perse

Where did I find it? BlueBee.com

Why do I like it? James Perse is king of thin, simple materials, made into necessary items in every women’s closet. I love long dresses because I find this article of clothing very appropriate for casual occasions. This particular one would look great with a black sweater like Joie Regine Long Sleeve Drapey Cardigan, and high heel black sandals, Stella McCartney Black Sandals. I find such usefulness in items such as this, because it can be used as an outfits base. This dress is a canvas, to be created into a fashionable work of art, by adding other simple items and accessories to make this dress your own. Items like these are never worn the same way twice!

How much is it? $185 on BlueBee.com

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