Michael Kors Aviator Acetate Sunglasses

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Who makes it? Michael Kors


Where did I find it? Online

Why do I like it? These are hot. I love the shape, and the fact that they’re all black which makes them very sleek as well as versatile. I really love them and their reasonable price. I love the classic aviator look, but these give aviator a little spin, I like that the frame is a little bit thicker than a wire aviator, but the silver metal part is still incorporated into the side, very subtly, not taking away from the all-black look. LOVE EM!!!!!!!

Where can you get  it? Online

Who’s wearing it? ME

How much is it? $125.00

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Chanel Sunglasses 5018

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Who makes it? Coco Chanel would be proud

Chanel Half Tint 5018 Sunglasses

Where did I find it? On many people.

Why do I like it? These glasses are very modern and spending the money to wear these everyday or often, is a brave fashion move. These can be seen as very classy and classic, and interpreted to have an edge. I love the half tint, the roundness, and the fact that they only come in black. These sunglasses, along with many items that I want to drool over like Michael Kors Aviator Acetate Sunglasses, and pull out my hair looking for on the internet, are rare and hardly can be found. I still think they are awesome.

Where can you get  it? Chanel or online- but good luck!

Who’s wearing it? Many celebrities and icons.

How much is it? $600.00 or more

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Tortoise is IN

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Who makes it? Watches and Glasses are often shown with a tortoise option.

Why do I like it? I am definitely a  tortoise glasses and watch fan. I feel like tortoise can be related to camo, earth-tones, and something classic, that never fails to match, and never fails to be in style. Prada makes amazing tortoise sunglasses, very plain yet classy. Check out more about Michael Kors Watches. This seasons Feminine/Masculine Look. The Michael Kors watches are to die for- cannot beat the price of $200.00.

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