L*Space Swimwear from The Orchid Boutique

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I just received the L*Space Swimwear that I ordered from The Orchid Boutique! It is a beautiful Bandeau Swimsuit called the Dolly Estella Bikini from the Swimwear 2011 line by L*Space The bright orange is a perfect color, and it looks even better in person. The quality is luxurious just like a couture swimsuit should be :) Below I embedded the video showing my new swimsuit and hopefully this will give you an even better idea of how adorable it is!

Again here is the Swimsuit I purchased:

I talk about it in a previous post you can read here: http://www.modernjap.com/category/the-orchid-boutique/

If you don’t out the information BELOW the video, here is the great news! The Orchid Boutique is having an awesome CONTEST! “Like” them on Facebook and you will be automatically entered to win a swimsuit from the 2011 Swimwear that they now have featured on The Orchid Boutique’s website!

The Orchid Boutique

The Orchid Boutique’s YouTube Contest Video

The Orchid Boutique’s Facebook

Enter The Orchid Boutique’s Contest!
Check out their website: http://www.theorchidboutique.com

Like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheOrchidBoutique#!/TheOrchidBoutique

Subscribe to their YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOrchidBoutique

Check out the Swimsuit here: http://www.modernjap.com/category/the-orchid-boutique/

or here: http://www.modernjap.com/lspace-swimwear-from-the-orchid-boutique/

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