Tom Ford Black Bi-Color Sunglasses

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Who makes it? Tom Ford

Tom Ford Black Bi-Color Sunglasses Tint

Where did I find it?

Why do I like it? Black sunglasses are my favorite! Lately I have been very into a round look on sunglasses, similar to the Chanel Half-Tint Chanel Sunglasses 5018, since they are so hard to find, I had to seek out a replacement. Although these don’t replace the half-tint, I really like the look of these. I like the silver rim along the top, and the silver lines on the side. The tint of the lens seems to fade as it reaches the bottom of the glasses. These are very simple and easy to wear everyday with pretty much any item, versatility, which is key for a good pair of sunglasses.

How much is it? Get these at for $275

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