Time Peace Watches

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Not only are the designs of the watches amazing, but the concept behind it, the meanings the company stands for, and the peaceful attitude of the “Time-Peace” team are my favorite part of this new-age clock. The company has the goal of allowing the watches to remind people to live in the now, in the present moment. Shifting our train of thought from worrying to the start being your true self. I love this Time Peace philosophy especially because it reminds me a lot of my yoga practice and what I am studying through my yoga journey.  It may seem contradictory, but they want you to get rid of the time, they’re the only watch company in the world with optional hands. I like that this watch is new-age, innovative, and inventive. This line of Time Peace Watches was created by law students, Ian Koslow and Justin Wales. “We’re not trying to get rid of clock time, but we are trying to get rid of psychological time: stress, worry,” Koslow creator of this line of watches, said.

time peace watch

time peace watches

I actually have this white watch shown above with the black tree, and I will soon do a video showing it. I absolutely love these watches with the tree of life. They are affordable, classy, and very simple. Check out their website at time-peace.org to see their new-age take on the world of watches!

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Tsovet 50mm Watch in Black and Silver

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Who makes it? Tsovet

Tsovet 50mm Watch in Brown and Silver

Where did I find it? BlueBee.com

Why do I like it? This is an absolutely beautiful watch. Actually, I first saw it on a young typical Modern Jap at a trunk show for the brand PeaceLoveWorld, which I have posted about and has a lot of great items. This watch looked great one her wrist, but I never got the brand name from her, and I have recently come across this watch on Bluebee, and again on another JAP’s wrist recently. I really love this watch, the over-sized look, and the silver with black. It’s great to have a watch in every color, and since I have some of my other favorite watches in other colors like this Full Blooded Swatch Watch and Men’s Gold Swatch, and Michael Kors Black Ceramic Watch, it’s great to have another watch to wear with other outfits. This Tsovet 50mm Watch in Black and Silver is a great watch to dress down and wear with jeans.

How much is it? $495 at BlueBee.com

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Michael Kors Watches. This seasons Feminine/Masculine Look

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Who makes it? Michael Kors

Michael Kors Watches. This seasons Feminine/Masculine Look

Where did I find it? In stores

Why do I like it? I have an Oversized Michael Kors Watch and absolutely love the popularity of the concept of this article. First of all, Michael Kors watch line is affordable, trendy, and eye candy. The watches have become very popular and are very appealing to JAPS. As for the rest of the article, I am all for women have a powerful look and taking on some of men’s favorite items as everyday articles of clothing. Some examples would be big watches, blazers, boyfriend jeans, and button down oversized shirts.

Where can you get  it? Online, In stores

Who’s wearing it? JAPS

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Orange is IN: Tory Burch sandals, Toy Watch, Marc Jacobs Cosmetic, Incase

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Toy Watch

Marc Jacobs


Tory Burch Orange Sandals

Why do I like it? Orange can be considered an earth tone. Either brightened up or dulled down, orange can have a happy feeling or a very subtle one, such as a burnt tone. Orange is a great color to have some accessories, it can really make an outfit pop. It can be over-done so the orange has to be subtle yet apparent. Some of my favorite orange products are shown above. Toy Watches are becoming very popular, and having a watch in a fun color is a great idea- it’s impossible to have too many watches, and their prices are reasonable. The Marc Jacobs cosmetic case is reasonably priced around $60.00. It’s a cute way to keep your make-up organized in your purse and it’s a cute accessory to pull out of your bag. Also the incase iphone case is perfect. Not only does it keep your phone safe and a great quality, but it’s only $30.00 while drawing some attention to your iphone. The Tory Burch sandals are not only reasonable, but extremely comfortable. At $130.00, these would look great with nice jeans, a white t-shirt, and a big louie vuitton bag to stick to the neutral color scheme. MORE ORANGE? look here! Vera Bradley Large Backpack

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Tortoise is IN

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Who makes it? Watches and Glasses are often shown with a tortoise option.

Why do I like it? I am definitely a  tortoise glasses and watch fan. I feel like tortoise can be related to camo, earth-tones, and something classic, that never fails to match, and never fails to be in style. Prada makes amazing tortoise sunglasses, very plain yet classy. Check out more about Michael Kors Watches. This seasons Feminine/Masculine Look. The Michael Kors watches are to die for- cannot beat the price of $200.00.

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